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What we are is: information junkie, gadget freak, music lover(s), online game-addict, classical and church-piano player, computer nerd, applications developer and trainer, pain psychologist, Mensa-dropout, racquetball (ex-squash) player, Goth, bombastic and Hollywood Metal fan (disagreement exists here between various factions but we have not come to blows...yet), red-with-black stripe Tae Kwon Do drop-out (hate to hit people and hate even more getting sweaty) prog rock lover from way back, dreaming-of-floundering, ballroom dancers, owner of 146 Tangerine Dream CDs, cats named Gizmo and Priscilla [Cica (Tzitza)] no longer comes indoors - she is outnumbered by friendly cats], also, sorry, Gracie left a while ago - she kept scaring the poor Chow-Husky mix, avid readers of mysteries, bodice-rippers, Sci-Fi, Stephen King novels, and know every line of every Andy Griffith Show, ex-jazz piano player, and.... anyway, it's up to the reader to decide who is who. :-P

I'll be working on describing  some of the stuff we are into. Meanwhile, I'll just start a list...



On the right is Gizmo. He is a big, fluffy, utterly benign, adolescent tomcat (kinda - he got fixed) - he is a Ragdoll, a breed renown for its gentility, people-attachment (he actually looks at your face when you talk to him - and I can make him run away by thinking bad thoughts - I ain't kidding), personality, and sense of humor. He follows wherever you go. He is very quiet, even his meow is barely audible. Hates to be by himself, so we got him a sister, whose face you see peeking through the branches of our Christmas tree at the top of the page. At the time I took that picture, Priscilla (on the left), was a teeny-tiny little kitty who, get this, liked to take showers and fetch little shiny balls. Ten months later she still does, even tho' she now is a big fluffy cat in her own right. So RaRa filmed her and sent the film to Animal Planet. We are still waiting for our $10,000 First Prize. She looks like the Phantom of the Opera, 'cose one half of her face is black with white whiskers and white eye-whiskers, while the other is white-on-white. RaRa thinks she looks like Orca. Guess who is the more dangerous person in our household. Cats in our household learn early in their career with us that the best way to enjoy life is to become passive-passive. That is, go utterly limp when you get picked up and not try to run away, because you WILL get petted, fondled, squeezed, and bent. Don't know about mutilated or spindled.

If you want to learn about Ragdolls, click on the following pix:

cat fanciers.png

rag1.jpgragd.jpgrag logo18.png


Ragdoll CatRagdoll CatRagdoll CatRagdoll CatRagdoll CatRagdoll Cat


I did mention that, until these guys, I never liked cats, didn't I?


Although I got graduate degrees (two) from FSU, I consider it my alma mater. California State University at Los Angeles, where I got my Bachelor's, was, for me, a very utilitarian university. I am thankful for the opportunity, but I have little emotional allegiance to it.

Go ' Noles! fsu logo.gif

So, combining our love for ballroom dancing and our devotion to FSU (several family members have degrees from there - at leat two of them doctorates) I recommend visiting the FSU Ballroom Dance Club site:

fsu ballroomheader_r1_c1.png


Soon to follow, more about us...

Topics we may cover are: 1. Chess; 2. Classical Music;  3. Piano and Keyboards; 4. Progressive Rock; 5. Racquetball and Squash: These sports have saved my butt; 6. Computers; 7. On-line gaming - Trey's been on broadband with XBox Live! since last year;  8. Card Games; 9. Goth/ Metal/ Industrial/ House/ Fusion/ Dark Wave/ Melodic & Symphonic Metal/ World/ Synthpop/ Chillout; 10. SciFi - Fantasy; 11. Mystery / Adventure - especially if the main character has a sense of humor (Cussler, MacLean, Hagberg, Clancy, Ludlum, Evanovich, DeMille, Robert Parker) - we can talk about smart-alecks like Spenser, Stephanie, Sunny, and John Corey; 12. Health Psychology and Wellness; 13. Dream Theater; 14. Fountain Pens (my prize possession is a MontBlanc Meisterstück LeGrand); 15. Analog dress-watches with alarms

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