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A superb and aimed at completeness prog rock site is the Prog Archives site, which I heartily recommend. Just click on the banner bellow:


An absolute treasure-trove of links to fabulous prog rock is to be found at e-prog's site:

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So... to continue with my personal re/views......

Another band I discovered and absolutely love is Korai Öröm, also from Hungary (do you see a trend here?). This is what I have to say about them:

Korai Öröm Reviews

Website:  korai orom cover.jpg

From: "Andrew J. Rózsa" <>
Korai Öröm (transl. Early Gladness)  Unfortunately the fans' discussion list and the archives are all in Hungarian... sorry "1" (1995) (7 tracks; 55:43); "2" (1996) (8 tracks; 71:53); "3" (1997) (8 tracks; 69:34)
11 to 14 musicians; Instruments: keyboards, drums, percussion, percussion, percussion (oh, I already said that), bells, guitar, trumpet, flutes, bass, fuyara, didgeridoo, heating pipe (?), marimba, saxophone, vocals (including Khoomei -- Tuvian throat singing)..... Huge sound. Complex, unpredictable, unclassifiable (electronic, ethno-fusion, Prog, jazz, dance - name it). Watch that volume knob, because if one track will tempt you to crank it up, the next one will rattle your teeth. And your neighbors. But definitely make sure your subwoofer is in good working order. Surround sound is optional, but will help your breathing, otherwise you will end up with all this sound right against your chest and your heart may not be able to take it. Thank goodness for acoustic tile, otherwise my wife would have been down here to smack me with the broom. Fershure. The tune-themes are, once again, Oriental and, I expect, aborigine. Mr. Roach could have taken lessons from these guys. OK, so I don't like Steve's down-under sound. Orom's sound is so eclectic that you never know what the next track will bring. This anticipation is delicious, because they never fail to pleasantly astonish. If these guys don't make your heart beat faster, you are dead and just don't know it. There is not a single "wash" on the three albums. Must have read our list. :-) They don't have much use for words. I guess, like Global Communication, these guys think that words sometimes interfere with the enjoyment of music. I agree. The albums have no titles, no track names, no nothing. Even the poster in the 1997 digipack lacks any words. Just artwork. You want to keep tabs?... do what CDDB does: number the tracks like this: 1, 2, 3, 4,.... :-)) Don't need for any chemical enhancement... some of the more percussive tracks will get you up and dervishing in no time at all.... a natural high. Definitely the highlight of Saturday's 8 hours of music listening. Where the hell are the albums for 1998 (the remix must be it)? and 1999? Huh? I need to take this up with them: BTW, there is a "1993" out there somewhere. If someone sees it, please get it for me. Will trade my wife for it. Richard at Cranium <> has all three, for the paltry sum of $17 each. Also some soundbytes. He also lists "Recycled" (1998) as one of Orom's, but I don't see it listed on their Official HomePage. Richard, you better send me a copy of that thing, so I can verify its authenticity. :-) Authentication services are free, but I keep the CD. Deal? Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE these guys? I happen to be savoring some Kiskörösi Nemes Kadarka, right now, as I just finished listening. Here, guys, have a glass. Prost! Life is good.

From: "Andrew J. Rózsa" Subject: Korai O"ro"m's 2 CDs - subjective reviews
There are two new Korai Orom CDs. the albums are in those artsy paper/cardboard digipack thingies. Quite attractive. I asked them about the releases after Cranium Richard told us about the '93, and Emil Biliarszki replied. Got the two releases from Hungary.
No need for excruciating details.see my earlier comments (
Overall, the stuff is still not for faint-hearted Enya-listeners. This is seriously shamanistic, unabashedly psychedelic, trippy, a percussion-hog's heaven, truly kaleidoscopic music, in the best and highest sense of the word.. I mean HIGH, without the need for acid. I am sure that some young whipper-snapper listening to this will classify the stuff as trance. so be it. Don't turn off the lights, unless you want to trip out.. Because, in the dark, trip out you will. Don't say I didn't warn you. Boo!!! Or is it "awhoooooooooo!"?
The "2000" is a 3 video-clip and 6 music-track album. Don't know how others will do with the multimedia, but with a 933PIII and Win ME's Media player, the whole thing is smooth and very artistic. WARNING: one of the clips works off of female curves, the other has a very brief glimpse of activity that some consider prurient. I am a dirty-old man, so I like this kind of stuff.
The productions are flawless. I enjoyed the video with sound on the "2000" and think that the rest of the live tracks accomplish precisely what KO set out to accomplish: infuse the warmth of live play, as opposed to the squeakily-sanitized (they call it 'sterile') quality of studio recordings. Amazing how palpable the change in "texture" becomes with live play. To this day, my favorite Pink Floyd is live. To my mind and ears, the "2000' is Korai Orom's best. thus far. The "93-96" is what I expected. Excellent, but no surprises for me, since I have listened to all their hitherto published output MANY times. Cozier-sounding than previous releases, even though the tracks have been digitally remastered.
BTW, has anybody seen my Carlos Castaneda collection?. suddenly I feel this impulse to re-read him again. I think I found a way to converse with Don Juan without the use of mescalito, yerba del diablo, or humito.
In sum: I still think these people are absolutely brilliant; the music is not for background listening (wallpaper) but for moving into. living in it while listening. I think that Korai Orom will appeal to folks who like fusion cum prog (or is it the other way around) and who also think that Ozric Tentacles would be the cat's meow if they weren't so repetitive. Listening to Korai Orom I am always left with my heart pounding, even if I don't end up doing a poor imitation of Tutsi warrior dance around my office. Sitting still seems hard to do while listening to Korai Orom. my feet seem to get a life of their own. I wish I could dance.
For the full experience, I recommend you use a visual plug-in with your surround-sound audio processor. I like G-force.
More objective/factual data follow below.
"Korai Öröm.2000.sound&vision"
49:30' new music and 3 videoclips
The new material was recorded in a two-day live session. Besides the two pieces already played on concerts, the rest is pure improvisation. Our aim was to avoid the sterile studio sound, which is dominant in today's music, and we offer our live presence on this album. Author's Edition, Distributed by Stereo Ltd. tel/fax: +361 385 6440
Track 1. 8:25' Track 2. 6:06' Track 3. 2:23' Track 4. 14:45' Track 5. 6:04' Track 6. 11:45'
Sound: Biliarszki Emil - keyboards Csanyi Viktor - drums Jocsik Janos - percussion Kilian Zoltan - bass Nadasdi Zsolt - percussion, drums (Paizs Miklos - fuyara, pipes, Jew's harp, trumpet) Szalai Peter - guitar Vajdai Vilmos - special effects Vecsi Tibor - vocals
Vision Bonnyai Zoltan - slides Szucs Laszlo - lights Varga Tibor - live videomix Volgyi Gabor - slides
NB: Somebody threw these boys a PC curve, 'cose they translate a Jew's harp as 'jewish harp.' :-)
"Korai Orom Live '93-'96"
total play time: 73:56'
This "old" material contains the concert in "Tilos az Á" in 1993, originally released on cassette tape, three pieces recorded in the Hungarian Radio (two of them released by Lollipop Shop on vinyl compilation in Germany) and one piece recorded for the '96 album, but unreleased until now. Released by Trottel
Track 1. 21:55' Track 2 . 3:06' Track 3. 5:49' Track 4. 6:02' Track 5. 4:30' Track 6. 9:41' Track 7. 6:00' Track 8. 10:26' Track 9. 6:24'
1,2,3,4,5 - "Tilos az A"/ "A is forbidden"- Nov. 1993 6,7,8 - Magyar Radio/ Hungarian Radio - Apr. 1994 9 - Studio HSB - Aug. 1996
Musicians Biliarszki Emil - synthesizer/keyboards Csanyi Viktor - drums Horvath Gyrogy - guitar Jocsik Janos - percussion Kilian Zoltan - bass Nadasdi Zsolt - percussion, drums Takacs Peter - guitar Vajdai Vilmos - didgeridoo Vecsi Tibor - vocals.bells.percussion
Vision F. Kiss Geza - slides Szucs Laszlo - lights Varga Tibor - videomix Volgyi Gabor - slides

From: "Andrew J. Rózsa" Subject: Re: new Vedres Csaba and Korai Orom available
Some of you here it is: I found a Hungarian source for Vedres Csaba and Korai Orom.
I bought the following:
Vedres Csaba: "Zongorazene" (Piano Music) CD; XP006
Vedres Csaba: "EPHATA I. - Tortured & Formatted" CD; XP013
Vedres Csaba: "Lélektánc" (Spirit Dance) CD; SKKTCD202
Korai Öröm: "2001", CD; KORAI0006
and Emil is selling them for $10 a piece plus $5 for shipping... so the 4 CDs above will cost $45, everything included. Emil Biljarszki is the promoter and manager for the group Korai Orom (see reviews at e-prog2 Web site) and now also the export manager for Fono Records (Hungary).
Write him directly at <> or visit the store at: and check out the Katalogus. They are listing only the new stuff, but they have a lot, if not everything we need from Vedres and Korai Orom.  I have asked about Solaris and After Crying,  will let you know.  Don't' worry about the Hungarian. They speak English and eventually will have everything tri-lingually. Meanwhile, ask me... I will translate, or look for stuff for you.


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