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Got them from my family. I would say that I am a Count, but then, I am sure my kinfolk 'round heah, would retort that I am of no count as far as they are concerned. Oh, well.... besides, these, and $2.35 will buy you a Latte Grande at Starbuck's.

The one below is dated 1810. I have others, from about the same period. There is one here that is sure to incite substantial acrimony and vituperative and fruitless diatribe among specific and various factions whom I, personally, don’t understand. Life is way too short, so I just don’t go there. Never have. This is not cryptic to those who are supposed to understand. Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita!

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Even the Austrians misspelled our name, so what can I expect from an English speaking nation?



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