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Img53.gif A bit of serious business...

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, Australian disc jockey Andrew Holborn, of the program "3rd Ear," embarked on a project to bring together progressive world music artists from around the globe to participate in a benefit CD, the proceeds of which will go directly to The International Red Cross and their relief efforts.

The artists recruited include Colin Bass of Camel (UK) (as Sabah Habas Mustapha & Jugala All Stars), Peter Lindahl of In The Labyrinth (Sweden), Attila Kollar and Robert Erdesz of Solaris (Hungary), Vital Duo (France), Hĺkan Almkvist (Orient Squeezers and Ensemble Nimbus), Poços Y Nuvens (Brazil), Steve Warner (Australia), Steve Unruh (US), Waak Waak Jungi (Australia) and Topeka (US) and others. See for brief bios of each artist.

The CD is being produced and manufactured by Musea Records in France, with distribution planned for the UK, Europe, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.


This is the artwork that will be used on the cover;
album artwork designed by Gaylene Richardson, Rosa Stevenson,
Ceri McKervill, Jane Lloyd, and Margaret Dunlop


  • "All Gone" - Waak Waak Jungi (from Crow Fire Music (Skinny Fish)) (4:20)
  • "Karakoram Waltz" - In The Labyrinth (from Garden Of Mysteries (self-released)) (5:28)
  • "Ave Luz" - Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma (from Designios (Luna Negra/Musea)) (7:58)
  • "Hawa El Sahra" - Steve Warner (from Sketches Of Paradise (self-released)) (4:14)
  • "InstruMental Breakdown" - Steve Unruh (from Invisible Symphony (self-released)) (5:46)
  • "Paradise Lost" - Brainstorm (from Paradise Lost (self-released)) (6:05)
  • "Geracao Perdida" - Pocos & Nuvens (from Ano Veloz Outouno Adentro   (Progressive Dreamland)) (5:24)          
  • "La Tour Haute" - Vital Duo (from Ex Tempore (Musea)) (7:00)
  • "Tolv Man" - Styrbjorn Bergelt & Roland Hakansson (from Randalin (self-released)) (5:20)
  • "Seuri" - Sabah Habas Mustapha & Jugala All Stars (from So La Li (Kartini)) (4:43)
  • "Like The Road That Rolls On By" - Topeka (from Land Rush (Lopie Records)) (6:22)
  • "Present Song" - Robert Erdesz (from Meeting Point (Periferic Records) (3:58)
  • "Alchemy" - Attila Kollar (from Musical Witchcraft (Periferic Records)) (4:32)
  • "Epigram" - Ensemble Nimbus (from Scapegoat (self-released)) (3:26)

Total time: 74:38

A now back to our regular (not so serious) programming:

Eventually we will go around the house and take pix of our real instruments. Well, Regina will, since she is a piano player and I am a jazz-piano has-been. We will put up the parts of the fancy weighted-keyed electronic piano with the MIDI-interface module and the computer and maybe one of our old or new friends will help Regina put it all together [hint, hint] so she can sound like a whole orchestra. Or maybe like Rick Wakeman... in his better days, before all this new-age stuff turned his brain into mush.

Meanwhile, I will share some reviews I wrote to the e-prog discussion list. BTW, if you like Progressive Rock, you should join us.. there are about 800 music-lovers from 35 countries there. Some of them are incredibly knowledgeable. I have learned a lot since it was created by Mark  (1997) and I have discovered some wonderful music over the years. Go to e-prog's Web site and follow the instructions for joining the List:


Prog Rock reviews I wrote or in which I participated:

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