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Our recent discovery is the joy of ballroom dancing.

We are utterly delighted to find ourselves floating over the dance floor.

The picture below was taken June 27, 2006 - the day of Our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

25th anniversary at the club_009.png

We are Intermediate (Silver) social dancers, exclusively thanks to Curt (above dancing with Regina) and Wendy (dancing with me) Johnson whose patience never seems to wane. They are the best dance teachers we could have hoped for. We actually do dance properly and we also like to play dress-up.... maybe we will post some pix of us dressed to the nines doing the Waltz or Regina in a bobby-soxer outfit doing the Jitterbug/East Coast Swing. We recommend ballroom dancing to all; it's hard to stay mad at your wife, when you have her in your arms and you are doing the Rumba. If you are like me, you'll end up grinning like a lovelorn teenager.

New Year's Eve 2003 in Atlanta was a hoot. We danced to the Big Band sounds of The Sentimental Journey Orchestra on one of the dance floors of the CBS Building. 

kalapos2.pngreg w painting nye atl1.png

tancolnimegyunk21.pngsjo nyeposter.png


In 2004, New Year's Eve found us with old friends at Concordia again. It was a delight, as usually - more details as more pictures become available.

r&a nye 2005 3x512.pngg winter septet1 small1.png

We can tell you this much: George Winter and his Septet was in rare form... way to go George!

We joined The Vikings Dance Chapter of the Birmingham Fraternal Council, last year. I am working on the Web site... it may take a while to finish it, but here is the start:


2004 viking lead out day rozsas small.jpg

That's us, in full spledor as Andrew "The Antagonist" Rózsa and his Lady Regina at the 2005 Vikings Lead-Out at The Birmingham Fraternal Council Dance.


nye-05 lisa bob reg ajr jan11.png



June 27, 2006 - The Club - Birmingham, Alabama - Friends at

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary 

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