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Images from Andrew's birthplace:

Oradea/ Nagyvárad/ Grosswardein/ Varadinum


oradea sas palota 2.pngoradea vultur negru 21.pngoradea_crisul repede.jpgnagyvarad_korospart.jpgoradea my house b.jpg


nagyvarad gojdu.jpgThe school originally (1896) was a boys' school called a Lyceum [syn: secondary school, Lycée, Gymnasium, High School - from the Greek Lukeion the school outside Athens where Aristotle taught ]. When I went there it was named Scoala Medie Nr.1.  Now it has become a National College. "Liceul Gojdu" (after the founder Emanuil Gojdu) has always been renown as one of the best schools in that part of the World. By the time I started the 7th grade, they allowed girls, too.. Yeay.. we had 8 girls in our class (and about 30 boys). Which was quite a bit of change for me, since when I joined, in the 5th grade, I was coming from Oltea Doamna, an all girls school. Care to guess what got me to an all-girls' school? ;-) The school's excellent Web site was created partly by the son of one of my schoolmates.



nagyvarad theater.jpg

nagyvarad mihai viteazul statue.jpg

   There used to be a Soviet statue of War heroes here... it's gone.                                                               


                                                                     The Theater








                • The most important building in Secession style is the Black Eagle Palace, now housing the "Oradea" movie theater and Hotel "Vulturul Negru." The interior glass-covered passage has three entrances linking three streets, each entrance dominated by an eagle, the symbol of the building. It is a very interesting building and it contains possibly one of the earliest shopping malls in Europe. The Black Eagle Palace (Sas Palota; Palatul Vulturul Negru) was built between 1907 and 1909.






                • If you are curious about the incredible stained glass windows of Oradea's buildings, have a looksee at the images and read a very pleasant and descriptive analysis by Rodica Hârca at the Institute for Cultural Memory site:












This is the house in which I was born and spent my whole childhood. It sure looked a lot bigger when I was a child. Now, that I think of it, it is actually the equivalent of a shotgun house in New Orleans. The house is one room wide and one room opens into the next.


Some of the best post-card-like pictures of Oradea can be seen at Galeria Foto Tompres


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