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 This is part of my office, when it was neat. A neat office is a sign of an idle mind, I say.

OK, so I tried to clean up my act. For about a day. But I can't win. I know EXACTLY what happens. Some people say that wire hangers multiply, if left in a closet for a while. I have a different theory: I think that paper proliferates in my office... over night. Honestly. It just does.


Not only does paper multiply at night, but paper actually is animated and has purpose: it moves, just to mess with my mind. Well, I declare....

I got ways... just stick some of it in boxes, put some of the boxes under one of the desks.... that way nobody is the wiser.


THIS is the sight from my windows
Really...would I lie to you?



                                            winter at greystone.png            

                                        All kidding aside... this is the view from my office... in the fall

                                  soon to change...we are moving about 1/2 mile to the North.



My secretary  ... yeah,sure!

rrr web site.jpg

Actually, this is my beloved wife of 25 years... my right hand... my truly better half, just ask her if you don't believe me, the mother of our boy... well, he's HERS if he misbehaves, and he is mine when he does something stellar... I took this pix at NYE '04 at Concordia with my Nikon D70 (see "My Other Loves").


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