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The one kid we have is the kid to end all kids... and he did.. end all kids... 'cuz he is the only one. I am pretty sure we haven't seen any kids his age anywhere in our neighborhood lately. I'll swap him for a little girl. Any takers?


And now he complains "Those are not ALL my trophies, tho."trey shirt crossed arms 2005 smallest.png


Trey's most favorite chess set. Wonder why...

chess ladies11.png

                     village voice 05.2005 banner.png                                         



       Img88.png    Img80.png                            


ajr3 wins scholarship111.pngtrey graceville news.pngshelby news ajr3 header11.png



ajr3 wins people1.png



Graduation Commencement - May 26, 2005           

The cords & also the insignias on the Diploma: 1. Foreign Language Honor Society

2. National Honor Society. 3. Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society



Whew!! Never thought we would see the day


....... and the family's new allegiance:


uab logo1.png

trey gets 4 as first college semester.jpg

Trey gets 4 As and a B first semester in College. Yeah.... and when I think I wanted to kill him at least a half-dozen times during his pre-teen years...


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